Single Group Broadcasting

A single group re-broadcast is as simple as texting to a virtual number. Your number is attached to a list and the message is sent to all numbers on the list. If they reply their message comes back to you.

Multi-Group Broadcasting

If you have multiple groups you would like to message separately you can use keywords and attach them to different lists. Just make the keyword the first word of your message and the message will be sent to that list, minus the keyword of course.

Reply to All - Group SMS

Group SMS is slightly different to re-broadcasting in that when a member of the list replies the message is also sent to all members of the list. This is good for small groups where everybody needs to know the communication.

Reply Name Recognition

As all messages go through the one number it is not possible to recognise the person replying by that number. We add the persons name from the list at the beginning of the message. Or if there is no name the last 4 digits of their number.

Controlling Costs

With re-broadcasting, especially group reply to all on a large list, costs can quickly escalate. With our plugin you can limit the number of characters per message and also receive account balance alerts by email when credit is running low.

Getting Set Up

Getting setup requires a little bit of effort but by following our step-by-step guide it won't take you long. Everything is ready for you to get setup straight away. Of course if you need help just get in touch asn we can set it up for you.