Message Personalisation

When people get a text message they expect a personal communication. It is not like email marketing where 'blanket' marketing is more generally accepted. You must treat the recipient with respect.

Handset Level Delivery Reports

A lot of SMS companies report on delivering a message to the carriers only. We provide handset level delivery reports for all carriers, that tell you when the person actually received the message.

Message Templates

Create templates from your commonly used messages, for ease and efficiency of repeat use. Templates can be used for campaigns as well as our Quick SMS reminder service.

Free SPAM Compliance

Every account comes with continuous automated opt-out management with our global opt-out list and free virtual reply numbers maintaining SPAM compliance at all times.

Automated List Management

Upload and thousands of contacts in seconds from a CSV file. Full import reporting. Automated import filters format recipient numbers, removes dupes and opt-outs.

Automated Reply Management

Add reply keywords for automation that can do things such as forward replies to email, generate automated SMS replies or add to new lists. They can be viewed and replied to via your online inbox or email.