Simple & highly effective 2 way SMS with your contacts.

Lot's of SMS companies can deliver text messages. But few offer the ability to receive and automatically process replies and incoming messages. Burst SMS enables you to receive SMS via a "Virtual Number". This number is hosted by our platform and linked to your account, and allows you to do a lot of cool automated things with it.


Our system can process incoming SMS messages based on pre-defined keywords you set up, each with their own automated rule set.

Forward to Email

Advertise a text in number and receive enquiries directly to your email address. You can also reply to emails to return the message to the sender.

Forward to App

If you are running an application like a reminder service or online CRM, you can receive SMS messages to it via our virtual numbers and URL callbacks.

Online Inbox

Your online inbox is the hub of activity. You can see all inbound and outbound messages and sort them in numerous ways. You can even reply directly.


We can automate processes on inbound messages. Things like auto-response messages, reply limiters and reply timers can help you follow up leads.

Add to Lists

Every person that texts a virtual number can be SPAM compliantly added to a marketing list. Our system can do this automatically generically or using keywords.