Drag and Drop Installation

Installation is as simple as dragging the Quick SMS button from the Burst navigation into your Bookmarks Toolbar. If you have trouble there are instructions accesible by clicking 'Advanced Setup' on the app window.

No Login Required

You can click the Quick SMS applet from your browser toolbar at any time, and on top of any website. You don't need to be logged into your SMS account, making for the perfect tool to send a Quick SMS or two.

Confirm with replies to Email

You can elect to receive and receive it to your email. You can even reply to the email it sends a text back to the recipient that can be used to request an updated time or confirm the cancellation.

Quick SMS Templates

You can save time and effort by saving a message as a template. You can select saved templates from a drop down on the bookmarklet screen and edit the data accordingly.

Scheduling Reminders

ou can setup your reminders on a schedule. This way as you book the appointments, you can enter the reminder immediately, and set it to trigger at a set time in the future.

Save to Favourites

After you send a message to a client, the app will give you the option to add it to your favourites list. This will make it easy to multi-select in the future. You can also upload an existing client list to get going.