High Peformance Delivery

Highly advanced load balancing and queue prioritisation to ensure fastest possible delivery.

Dedicated Channels

Large volume campaigns automatically diverted into dedicated channels to eliminate delays.

Quality Certified Suppliers

All of our suppliers are Tier 1 aggregators with ISO 27001 & 9001 certification for quality and security.

Constant Gateway Monitoring

Connections are under 24 hour surveillance using monitoring systems to ensure optimum delivery.

Enterprise Level Gateway

We run only enterprise level server applications partnering with the most reliable names in the business to help us operate a smooth service with minimum downtime.


Our flexible and powerful set of API's enable developers to add the ability for their applications to send and receive SMS.

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Every bulk SMS campaign can be a personal and targeted communication.

Large Volume SMS does not have to be impersonal, with Byte IT Solutions SMS system you can create as many lists as you like segmenting by location, age group, interest and you can also personalise the message using variables such as a name, member number or other info. 

List Segmentation

  • Utilise multiple lists to segment by location, age group, interest or any other segment.
  • Deliver targeted messages to each segmented list and get full reports.
  • Maintain a Global Opt-Out list that operates across all segments to ensure compliance


Message Personalisation

  • Specify variables that can be inserted into each delivered message
  • Personalise with the persons name and other relevant information to maximise response.
  • Receive free replies back to your campaign report and to your email.



Receive and process inbound text messages on a virtual mobile number

Sometimes referred to as longcodes or response numbers, virtual numbers are just like a normal mobile number that your SMS account can receive text messages on. You can use them for email to SMS, keyword marketing and campaign replies

Instant virtual numbers off the shelf
  • We have numbers online and ready to go. Just choose for one low monthly fee.
  • No commitment, just use as long as you need.No contracts, no hassles.
  • Start receiving keyword responses or engaging in 2 way SMS via email in minutes
  • .

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