Livedrive v3 iosRe-written from the ground up, the New IOS Cloud Backup solution (powered by Livedrive) is now easier to use, faster, and better looking. The brand new app is now available in the app store and we can't wait for you to try it out.

The first thing you will notice about the app is its new look and feel. The menus are simpler to navigate and have our new colour scheme, including the mid-blue Livedrive logo

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Mobile Backup

The main new feature in the app is mobile backup. This is only available to Briefcase and Pro Suite users. Mobile backup will make sure that you never lose the photos and videos you take, even if you lose your device.
To start a mobile backup, just click on the new 'Mobile Backup' tab on the menu, choose a device name, and then press the 'Start Backup' button. Your photos and videos will then begin backing up.
We know that some users will have limited data usage on their 3G/4G phone packages and so we have set the app to only backup over a Wi-Fi connection by default. If you want to back up your photos over a 3G/4G connection, simply tap the button on the Mobile Backup screen.
Once the backup is complete you will be able to access your files through your desktop client, web portal or through any of our other mobile apps. Simply navigate to your Briefcase and open the Livedrive Mobile Backup folder to open and download the photos and videos.

images of Livedrive v2 on ios7

 If you have already downloaded the app, it will automatically update when you are connected to wifi (this does depend on your phone settings). If you have not yet downloaded the app click the button below:

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